The MARLOWES bring music and dance, lights and delight to this fair City by the Bay and lands beyond of wine, wonder, snow white and wave washed. Roving minstrels of the new, the electronic amps of today replace the lutes and pipes of bygone days.

Musings aside, this is a great band. Five guys pumping out the songs you want to hear, sonically setting the mood for the event you envision. The MARLOWES play all kinds of musical styles. They range from background standards and cool jazz, to soul, rock and contemporary with flair, taste, energy and feeling.

Guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and male vocalist/sax replace the fifes and pipes of yesteryear. The sound is rich and full, highlighted by three lead vocalists with accompanying harmonies.

The MARLOWES deliver an impressively full sound considering the compact size of band, and the minimum impact on your budget. And, the band comes with all the extras you'd want: full sound, electronically pulsating lights, cd player, wireless mics and attire of your choice.

The players in The MARLOWES are solid professionals. They all have years of experience, having played in clubs, bars, concerts, tours, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate affairs, and any other affair you could possibly imagine.