are the best thing to hit San Francisco since sourdough bread. They're fresh, tasty and just about perfect for any occasion. With a big splashy sound explosively delivered by four lead vocalists and a fat rhythm section, "The SWINGERS" are the perfect high-energy dance band.
The HOLLYWOOD SWINGERS offer a tempting menu of options to compliment the perfect event you might envision. The band can flex between seven and nine musicians. Nine would include a crushing three piece horn section. For a flashy, visual explosion, the band incorporates The RODEO DRIVE DANCERS. Up to four dancers (female, or male and female) are available, with a variety of costumes themed to the event. See the band's extensive song list for the many styles, eras, and types of music available.

The HOLLYWOOD SWINGERS features Leopold Lacy on lead vocals. Leopold is one of the premier soul-R&B singers on the Bay Area circuit. He's the real deal with an electrifying stage presence to compliment his vocal styling. Leopold came to "The Swingers" compliments of Judy Davis, the renowned vocal coach of Barbara Streisand and a host of other distinguished pop singers. Also featured is the vivacious Kathy Decco. Not only a fantastic singer, Kathy is a trained dancer and charismatic, dynamic performer.

The HOLLYWOOD SWINGERS have performed hundreds and hundreds of engagements. Classy Wine Country Weddings, Mega Corporate Affairs, Festivals, High Society Galas, Night Clubs and Beer Bashes. You name it, they'd done it. Total pros "The SWINGERS" will adapt their vast repertoire to custom fit the event. From smooth background trios, to ceremony music, to high-energy dancing, all is available to fit your needs and desires. This band is guaranteed to always be, punctual, functional, and adaptable.


Leopold Lacy - Lead Front Vocalist_
Kathy Decco - Lead Front Vocalist_
Richard Martin - Lead Guitar and Vocals_
Rick Bailey - Drums and Vocals
Jeff Obee - Bass
Chris Durbin - Keyboards
Jan Wilson - Sax and Vocals


Trumpet, Trombone

Artistic Direction

Only the greatest danceable Soul, Rock, Contemporary, Motown, Standards Swing and Background music.


Tuxedos, Jacket & Tie, Stylish GQ.
Your choice.


Early setup and arrival, I-Pod or CD hookup, wireless mics, stage lighting and sound, complete pre-engagement consultation and coordination.